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Talent Management Framework

We seamlessly support the critical stages of business transformation for client organizations by focusing on transforming mind-sets of employees. We work with below the surface linkages of transformation – Values, Traits, Motives and Beliefs, to speed up the transformation journeys.

The transformation journey may be initiated due to change in the organization’s vision, strategy, organization structure, top leadership etc. We work closely with clients to understand their context and the challenges they are facing in this journey. Basis our experience over the years, most of the challenges in Organization Transformation largely fall into one of the 3 categories as mentioned in the following Change Management framework

Change Management Framework

We work with organizations to design and develop customized interventions, practices and processes which are best suited to their context with an overall objective to enhance their overall performance during change.

SDF is one of the very few companies in India with expertise in conducting an LSIP. Through this intervention, demanding rigorous prep and conducted over 2-3 days, the objective is to:

  • align the top leaders and the entire workforce with a new/changed vision.
  • facilitate the teams in identifying their functional and individual goals and ensuring accountability.
  • drive the desired mindsets and behavioral shifts towards changed goals.

We have successfully done this intervention with various organizations across industries, helping them align to changes.

Typical Assignments Undertaken

  • Co-Create Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Organization Restructuring| Design & Implement Service Excellence Journey
  • Communication for Organizational Transformation
  • Align Business & Sales Strategy Design
  • Level & Job Equivalence
  • HR Policies & Process Design
  • Incentive & Recognition
  • Compensation Restructuring
  • Organization Benchmarking & Cost Rationalization

What people say about us?

"9th August – EI & MOD Sales India called for a Revolution and overcame old mind sets and EMERGED with new MIND SETS and co-created our Vision which will further create History and leave behind a legacy for years to remember"Kshitij Bhusari, Deputy General Manager Schindler University at Schindler India Pvt. Ltd.

“I will always remember this day for my entire lifetime “ and the same feelings were resonated by almost each one of the participants and that was visible through the survey also which they had filled before the start of an event and at the end of the event.”Post the LSIP intervention, Amjad Sayyed, Sr. Vice President - Existing Installation Business at Schindler India Pvt Ltd.

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