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An Open Letter to CEOs

Dear CEO,

Let me start with certain accepted, acknowledged and often repeated dialogues on Employees and Human Resources. Let us tick mark the statements below:

  • Employees are our most important assets.
  • Human Capital is our differentiator.
  • Our most important asset leaves the door in the evening and we are not sure it will return in the morning.

If we tick mark all the above and are in consonance with it. I have a few questions for you to consider:

How come you have the best consultants in the world working on your business strategy and mediocre ones for the employees and human resources? There is something incredibly wrong here, you put the best brains to create a super strategy and let a mediocre people strategy ruin it, I am sure you have thought through the last detail of the strategic plan while you go out with that hot strategy and product. The talent question begs the best answer in the world but we repeatedly give mediocre ones. I am not sure whether you agree with me or not but in a hall of 1000 HR people @SHRMIAC18 on 12 October 2018 only 2 hands went up when a question on fairness of Performance Management System was asked.

Why are your best brains not working on creating your talent strategy? Who is going to implement that brilliant strategy if the right people are not?

If we want a differentiated strategy, we have to start with the people who are going to implement it. We have to create differentiation through our talent strategy. We have to make it as relevant as our business strategy, give it the same time in the board room as the business strategy, give it the same analytical and multidimensional approach as we  give to business strategy, put our best people behind it to create the competitive edge.

A sound Talent strategy will have the same thoroughness as the company/financial or marketing strategy. It has to be created by the best brains in the business and implemented with the same rigor as your business strategy. It has to be based on scientific methods and simple for all employees and leaders in the organization to understand and execute it.

I hope I have got your attention, I want you to build a robust Talent Strategy to outperform!

Warm regards,

Rajan Kalia

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