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Salto Dee Fe Consulting (SDF) is a mighty HR advisory firm that focuses on enhancing business productivity by ‘Solving Complex People Problems’.

Since 2011, we have been helping organizations meet their HR and business objectives and leapfrog to their next phase of growth. With solid HR and Leadership advisory experience in India, the US, Europe and the Middle East, we are committed to offering science-based solutions to help companies become stronger, and more agile and solve their most complex people problems.

Our Services 

Leadership Skilling - We bring over 100 years of experience creating and delivering customized learning solutions. We help organizations to develop capabilities based on scientific learning approaches through contextualized use of technology and best-in-class faculty.

Talent Management - In partnership with The Talent Strategy Group (Founded by Marc Effron, author of Harvard-published bestseller “One Page Talent Management”), we bring cutting edge talent solutions to remove complexity, enforce accountability and drive transparency. 

Organisation Transformation - We seamlessly support the critical stages of business transformation for client organizations by focusing on transforming the mindsets of employees. We work with below-the-surface linkages of transformation – Values, Traits, Motives and Beliefs to speed up the transformation journeys.

Our Products: Hire To Succeed, iEngage, New World People Leader Program, OPTM 360, HR Team Effectiveness, Top Team Effectiveness, 8 Steps to High Performance, #LeadLikeHer Program

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