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“Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves.” — Marshall Goldsmith


Talent Management Framework

SDF brings over 100 years of experience & expertise in skilling executives to become effective business leaders. Our team members continuously work with Top Teams and work as facilitators for Harvard and Stanford in India and Middle East. All programs have an intensive follow up for transfer and sustenance of learning.

Change Management Framework

  • Before designing any Leadership Development Journey, we run a Diagnostic study to understand the organization's strategic orientation, its people and the current challenges(this would include a deep dive into documents, one on one dialogues and focus group discussions).
  • We then assess behaviors through various assessments to understand the “As-Is” state and determine the gaps.
  • Basis the Diagnostics and Gap Analysis, we co-create a customized and experiential leadership skilling intervention comprising Prework, Workshop & Post-work
  • Post the skilling intervention, we put in 30-60-90 days review and governance mechanisms to ensure that transfer and sustenance of learning through ALPs, Peer Coaching etc continues to happen.

Typical Assignments Undertaken

  • Strategy Articulation
  • Leadership Alignment Workshop
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Management Certification
  • HR Business Leadership Certification
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Building High Performance Top Teams
  • HR For HR

What people say about us?

"SDF team under the leadership of Mr. Rajan Kalia has been partnering with us in P.D.Hinduja Hospital since 2016 and so far facilitated to train over 1000 employees that include our Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Attendants and our patient facing staff & Managers!!!"

“I am quite impressed with the process that SDF follows right from Pre study to delivery, wherein the experiential learning is delivered by the champion facilitators to ensure employee learning and mindset change at work!!! Kudos to SDF!!! All the very best in all your endeavours!!!”M.S.Venkatesh, Sr.Director-HR - P.D.Hinduja Hospital

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