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“To win in the Marketplace you must first Win in the Workplace” - Douglas Conant, Ex-President & CEO Campbell Soup Company

i Engage

Engaged employees are productive employees, it's that simple! 


Our viewpoint is that increasing engagement benefits the business in a multitude of ways. 

First, we believe that there is a causal link between engagement and business results.

Second, there is no better way to comprehensively listen to employees and convey that you want to listen than to regularly solicit their input.

Third, the data you receive (if you follow our approach) will provide managers with specific, valuable information about how to better manage their business.

Don't just tell, rather show your managers how they can quickly move from feedback to action to boost engagement in their teams!

Do your employee engagement interventions provide your managers with...

  • Prioritized areas of focus to move the engagement needle at a click of a button so that they can spend their time on what matters most: their people
  • Data-driven insights for achieving greater employee efficiency with relatively minimal efforts
  • Practical tips and actionable plans they can use to unlock and improve the employee experience for everyone at your company

iEngage helps amplify Employee Engagement to create maximum business value at minimal cost by focusing on vital few priorities for change.

Our engagement methodology combines years of academic research with the latest science. 

Structured question libraries, intelligent benchmarking, and text analysis surface the factors that are truly affecting engagement in your organisation.

Talent Management Framework

Get pre-built employee surveys to choose from, that are based on SDF’s robust proprietary research across all the established models in academic and consulting world, giving you a deeper insight into employee sentiment and overall engagement across your company.

If you wish to experience how this radically simple and impactful tool can enable your managers to move swiftly from feedback to action – please click this link to schedule a quick demo!

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