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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin

Fast Future Fundamentals

Become A Fast Future Executive with one of-its-kind Future Skills Course.

Learn 12 Inter-Connected topics that Impact 90%

  • Of Industries
  • Of Markets
  • Of Businesses
  • Of Products & Services
  • Of Work & Jobs

Fast Future Executive is a program encompassing 12 curated, simple, future-oriented masterclasses, by 12 outstanding global thought leaders over 12 months.

Key Features:

  • Join any time of the year
  • Interconnected, never-outdated concepts and strategies
  • Multiple time zones friendly
  • 1-hour sessions
  • Download summary deck
  • Easy enrollment
  • Topics repeat: 4-5 date/time options per topic
  • Choose your schedule and attend live (virtual) interactive sessions

A total of 12 curated topics impacting 90% of the world, transcending industries and geographic boundaries for agile and future-ready leaders. You get Global Perspectives, and Multi-Industry Insights to develop a comprehensive understanding of interconnectedness across industries, countries, cultures, and technologies.

All 12 topics for $449 per learner:

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Our co-founder, Rajan Kalia, serves as one of the key speakers, leading the program design and delivery of "New World People Leader." His insights bring a practical and forward-thinking perspective, exploring the intersection of the four dimensions of Purpose, Connections, Performance, and Innovation within the world of People Leaders. Read more about it here.

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