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Our values guide us as we interact with others. Whenever we are in doubt, our values point us in the right direction.


All our actions arise from abundance, a state of plenty. In other words, Abundance encompasses all our actions - from knowledge sharing to wealth creation.

We freely share ideas, exchange viewpoints, engage with premium talent, and we learn from our partners and clients.

Abundance also enables us to keep an open mind and with openness comes the ability to embrace and share.


Offering Excellent Service drives us. Client success is our benchmark for Excellence.

Also, we are constantly trying to better ourselves - as Tom Peters says “Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change.”


‘Dharma’ comes from Dhri/Dharti (that which upholds). We have learnt that ‘Dharma’ has three actions:

  • that which has fallen is regenerated
  • that which is falling is reinstated
  • that which is standing is reinforced/replenished

That which upholds life is Dharma. That which does not help it grow is Adharma.

To reference it at our workplace a value, we translate it to ‘doing the right thing’. And like at Netflix, where instead of laying down policies for everything, employees are encouraged to take actions originating from “Adult Like/Responsible Behavior” and be guided by “Acting in Netflix’s best interest”, we too believe that the Right Thing is based on principles, rather than procedures.

So, if Dharma means "to support, hold, or bear", we value Dharma and it enables us to build trust within our teams and with our clients.


While there is research to say that Happy People are better workers, we didn’t need research - We do what we do happily - we service our clients with a smile, engage with our colleagues in a fun way and remain cheerful in trying circumstances.

The clear vision we have for the firm, the sense of purpose that the team has and the meaningful relationships we create enable us to work happily!

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