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“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” - Warren Bennis


In the rapidly evolving modern workplace,“Hybrid Work” has emerged as a significant transformation. With ongoing technological advancements, shifting employee priorities, and resource redistribution, traditional leadership skills no longer suffice. To effectively manage and inspire multigenerational teams (Gen A, Gen Z, Gen Y), People Leaders must adopt new skills and mindsets.

Our program addresses this critical need, equipping People Leaders with essential tools, frameworks, and experiences to excel in the “Hybrid Work”. By understanding their evolving roles and mastering engagement with diverse teams, leaders can navigate complexities and capitalize on hybrid work opportunities.

At SDF, we conducted extensive research, exploring the fundamental dimensions of Purpose, Connections, Performance, and Innovation at the heart of People Leaders' roles. Our Program ‘New World People Leader’ is a proprietary framework and a course to address the vital shifts of hybrid work.

Through this program, we enable organizations to grow profitably and continuously rebuild while fulfilling people's inherent desires and motivations in their work. Join us to gain the capabilities and confidence required to thrive in the current transformative era of work.

The Key Shifts in the New World

People are Resource People are People
People need to be seen along with their context instead of being seen as expendable resources
Workplaces need Supervisors Workplaces Need Performance Coaches
Managers now need to act as a guide for their teams as compared to previously being an information provider.
Productivity and Efficiency Outcomes and Innovation
Managers need to encourage out-of-the-box thinking in place of only being concerned with task completion.

New World People Leader

What sets this apart?

  • Developed in partnership with Caltech Executive Education
  • Highly experienced Global Faculty
  • Expert insights including global guest speakers
  • Guides and Toolkits, Assignments
  • Long-term learning sustainment including webinars
  • Multimodal learning experience options
  • NFT certificates (globally first)

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