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“There's no shortage of advice about how to perform better at work. The problem is knowing which advice is actually proven to work - and how you can apply it to get the best results “ - Marc Effron


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What Really Works. There's no shortage of advice out there on how to perform better, and better than others, at work. The problem is knowing which methods are actually proven to work - and how you should act on them to get the best results.

"8 Steps to High Performance," cuts through the noise with "science-based simplicity" approach to identify what matters most and show you how to optimally apply your time and effort to boost your performance. Science shows that you completely control 50 percent of your work performance - 8 Steps tells you how to optimize that 50%. The other 50%? You can’t control it so don’t waste your time.

8 Steps reveals the eight key factors that you do control, and practical steps for improving yourself on each one. In this program, you'll learn:

  • How to set goals that create higher performance;
  • Which behaviors predict higher performance in different situations;
  • How to quickly develop the most important capabilities;
  • Who to connect with and why;
  • How to understand and adapt to your company's strategy;
  • Why you sometimes shouldn't be the "genuine" you;
  • How to best manage your body to sustain your performance;
  • How to avoid management fads that distract you from high performance

Including research-based, and practical self-assessments, tools, and templates to support your performance goals at work, this 2-day program will help you and anyone on your team deliver outstanding results.

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