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About SDF

Salto Dee Fe Consulting (SDF) is a business enabling consulting firm that works at the intersection of Strategy & Execution and Business & Human Resources.

We partner with organizations to leapfrog their business to its next phase of growth. We do this by co-creating bespoke solutions that are scientifically validated and enable organizations to meet their business objectives.


SDF in partnership with The Talent Strategy Group, NY brings cutting edge talent solutions that simplify processes to Remove Complexity, Enforce Accountability and Drive Transparency.

SDF brings over 100 years of experience & expertise in skilling executives to become effective business leaders. Our team members continuously work with Top Teams and work as facilitators for Harvard and Stanford in India and Middle East.

We seamlessly support the critical stages of business transformation for client organizations by focusing on transforming mind-sets of employees. We work with below the surface linkages of transformation – Values, Traits, Motives and Beliefs, to speed up transformation journeys.

SDF helps firms make Great People Decisions with the objective of directly impacting their growth. We do this by aligning firm's Executive Search goals with Business Objectives by driving a shift from a tactical, reactive talent acquisition process to a strategic selection program.


Karma Notes

Karma Notes is a mobile app that helps organizations embrace a culture of feedback and recognition - it makes feedback ongoing, real time and fun!

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OPTM 360, a revolutionary 360 Degree Feedback tool, aims at providing actionable insights basis feedback from multiple rater groups.

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OPTM 360


Based on path breaking research, RF4 is a single step solution for retaining and accelerating the growth of your top talent.

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RF 4

HR Team Effectiveness

A learning journey specially designed for today’s HR Business Partners with the objective of creating HR leaders who clearly understand and deliver to business requirements.

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Top Team Effectiveness

Create a more effective and better aligned leadership team ensuring direct linkages with actual business outcomes.

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8 Steps To High Performance

The most conclusive science based practical program to boost performance (with Self-Assessments, Tools, Templates, Guidelines & Case Studies)

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Amplify Employee Engagement to create maximum business value at minimal cost by focusing on vital few priorities for change. 

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i Engage

Hire To Succeed

A science based experiential learning journey to enhance your ability to read people accurately & spot the 'Best Fit' Talent. 

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Talent Assessment Tools

A strategic partnership that allows you to up the ante on your Talent Assessments and Development efforts. 

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Talent Assessment Tools

Our Journey So Far

Over 100 clients
in India

50% repeat

Over 100 years of HR
practitioners’ experience

HR Advisory in
8+ countries



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