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“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour” - Paul Meehl


Hire To Sucess

SDF’s "Hire to Succeed" certification program in Behavioral Event Interviewing helps managers & leaders master Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI) skills and develop an understanding of how to integrate it in the selection and assessment process.

A fully 100% online, highly experiential learning journey that embeds deep knowledge, skills and application of learning in a simulated environment supported with a plethora of learner engagement tools to build behavioral event interviewing skills.

Increase your effectiveness to hire the right talent & build capability to conduct effective structured BEI's:

  1. Identify the critical competencies for success in a role
  2. Map the essential competencies to right set of Behavioral Interviewing questions
  3. Objectively evaluate candidates on competencies – eliminate biases
  4. Learn effective probing – Gathering specific evidences to validate one's gut feelings
  5. Define the key Positive & Negative Indicators to watch out for and spot red flags
  6. Make the selection process consistent and objective - adding value to business

Earn a certification for

Do any of these experiences sound familiar while interviewing potential candidates?

  1. Took a biased (Unconscious) decision and regretted it later?
  2. Took a decision based on your intuition or gut feeling?
  3. Fell Prey to Fake Personas? Wished you had better ability to read people accurately?
  4. Failed to get all the information you needed prior to the interview
  5. Failed to get credible information to assess who is a best "fit"

Have you ever wondered why does this happen? Here are some reasons:


The Outcome is "Selection Errors"

  1. Type A (recruiting someone who does not fit into the role and organization)
  2. Type B (rejecting someone who fits into the role and organization)

Behavioural Interviews are scientifically validated and an effective way to resolve such errors

Use Behavioural economics to address irrational human behaviour in light of limited cognitive capacity and inherent cognitive failings

First, evidence based approach to understand patterns consistently leads to a reliable conclusion

Second, reduce the cognitive biases that tend to color hiring decisions resulting in poor choices that cause regret in the long run

Third, limits impulsive & avoids gut based decisions


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