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Thought Partners

SDF & The Talent Strategy Group
Talent Strategy Group

The Talent Strategy Group helps companies across the world to create incisive talent strategies and powerful talent building processes. Their work is guided by the One Page Talent Management approach – simplicity, accountability and transparency. This unique approach – available in India only from our firm – delivers consulting processes and tools that are far more effective than those available elsewhere.

Technology Implementation Partners

Chapter Vitamins
Chapter Vitamins

All our Learning library for an intervention is hosted on an LMS created specifically for the client. We have partnered with Chapter Vitamins to create customised LMS platforms. This is available on Personal Computers and handheld devices and as an app. The app is customisable and is compatible with most leading enterprise management tools.


Most of our online simulations are created by Biziga which offers simulations for various areas in Business. We have been deploying simulations for Capability and Skill Assessment & Development for Middle and Senior managers in HR and Business Contexts.

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