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16 Lessons from Ulrich & Cappelli For Every HR Professional

I had the fortune of listening to two great HR voices last fortnight, Dave Ulrich & Peter Cappelli. Two different perspectives and two different takes on HR of future, reproducing for you some of the lessons I took away from the sessions:

  • Organisation Planning has reduced to 1 year from 5,3 years cycle while HR still speaks/sticks to employee career planning of 5 years.
  • Millennials of today are similar to 22 year olds from year 2006/1996. They are seeking  – freedom, expressing themselves, hate hierarchy and bureaucracy etc. There is no difference between 22 year olds from 10 years ago and now, and yet we have a lot of companies throwing data at us and selling their services on dealing with millenials. If we peel away the label, 22 year olds are behaving the same way 22 year olds behaved in 2000s, 1990s,1980,1970s.
  • Value added by an employee vs. her compensation will determine @what rate should the organization invest in her development post she has peaked her value add.
  • It you consistently market your organization as a Great Place To Work, you can expect to hire employees @ rates cheaper than market.
  • Money is chasing cheap labour across the globe and there seems currently to be no end to it.
  • Your best learning experience can help chalk a better career for your team.
  • Guess, who plays the Lead Pleading Role (LPR) in any organization, no prizes, yes, it is, HR.
  • When you are asked to comment on a new initiative and policy and what can it give back to the organization. It is great to give your best guess rather than, “I do not know for sure as yet”.
  • HR needs an agile manifesto instead of the HR policy manual.
  • Yearly goal setting is over and dead. Annual goal setting is under fire and will soon get replaced. Everyone is experimenting with different mechanism of feedback and performance evaluation and new models are in near horizon.
  • All performance management systems are gamed from the word “Go”. They are meant to hide the truth and showcase the ‘best’ side always.
  • We know that in the era of Quality Inspectors, we had the worst quality. In the era of PMS system, we have the worst………
  • If we want continuous, pervasive feedback to be successful, we need to put muscle behind it.
  • HR needs to move from providing insights to creating impact.
  • HR is about Business & not HR.
  • Navigating Paradox is one of the essential competencies HR needs to be successful.

If you can guess who said what, you are really tuned into latest in HR.

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