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Ringing in New PMS in 2018

I want to ring in 2018 with some valid and interesting thoughts. We published a report on Performance Management System (PMS) last year and it gave us valuable insights on what Indian corporates are looking for from PMS. Here are the top 3 conclusions from that study:

  • Goal Setting is primarily linked to achievement of Company Goals
  • There is a clear shift towards revisiting and revising goals more frequently to meet the changing business needs.
  • Employees are willing to receive continuous feedback on their goals & behavior

While the participants are looking for the above changes, they are not clearly happy with their existing PMS. There is nothing new here - across the world we are hearing the same sound byte:

  • Employees and managers are looking for systems, which are seen and experienced as fair
  • Most organisations are looking forward to making changes in their PMS and the top 3 changes they are looking for are:
  • Make the process MORE transparent
  • Focus on continuous feedback
  • Define team goals rather than only individual goals

All the above is good news and I am sure organisations look forward to implementing these changes amongst many others.

Good luck with building a more fulfilling and fair performance management system in 2018!

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