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Personal Leadership

When I was little, I read a story in a famous magazine. While the exact details are hazy in my head, I remember how a guy had a flat tyre on a highway on a dark cold night with no jack in his car and no one in sight. He worried and stressed about how much trouble he is in and how he might have to freeze and starve through the night. He, of course, could see the faint light of a house about a mile away. So while he walked towards the light, he kept thinking to himself how there might be no one in the house, or if there was someone, s/he may not answer the door to a stranger. What if they answered the door but they did not have a jack. Or even that they may not want to part with their jack. He continuously ran these thoughts in his head for 15-20 minutes that he took to walk towards the light. When he arrived, and the door was answered, overwhelmed with his mental chatter, he shouted at the host “keep that damned Jack!” And walked back towards his car into the dark night.

Well, it's a story and stories are many a times metaphors. I use this one to talk about the stories in our head. Our minds continuously chatter stories to us about our deficiencies, our flaws, about how our lives are incomplete – how we could have a different life or a different set of things. Our mind at times tells us how we are incomplete and how we are not measuring up.

Or how we could be different.

All of us can feel complete in every moment and regardless of how we feel, life as is happening around us right now is completely real and valid.

There are two points I want to make here – first that ‘feeling complete in the moment’ does not hamper ‘progress’. Second, it’s when you feel complete, that you can offer your best to the world.

In this New Year, and every year, focus on ‘being complete in the moment’ – life as it is right here is fully valid and real. When we feel that, we are creating a clear possibility for ourselves to discover our personal source of leadership, energy and passion.

If we use these personal sources to offer our authentic self – our courage, our openness, our passion and our compassion - to the world; we get on the path to ‘Being the Best that We Can Be’. The reverse also happens - In the process of being the best that we can be, we also offer our Best Selves to the World.

Our Empathy, our Compassion and Our Best version of ourselves then, become the foundation of Personal Leadership and Leadership with Wisdom.

Let’s Craft our own Personal Leadership Journey based on the Best Version Of Ourselves!

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