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Follow Through is Boring

Follow through is the difference between a 'good' manager and a 'great' manager. It is an essential part of the work we do. If you delegate tasks then this becomes the ingredient, which will help get the task done effectively and in time. Most of us hate follow through, we assume that once we have shared a task with a person they will automatically do it. We ask ourselves -  why should I the 'manager' follow up? Is it not the task of the 'lowly' executive to come and report back to me on the progress. Many a balls fall through the cracks on this assumption. Needless to say that our ego plays a big part in the process of following through.

Once, I remember, my CEO called me into his office and wanted to share some important information with me. Being a young, overconfident and pompous HR executive, I walked in empty handed. He looked at me, devoid of paper and pen, and asked how I was going to remember the task assigned to me. He then asked me to get a notebook to write down the tasks. I ate the humble pie,my ego deflated, and I returned with a notebook. The lesson learnt was an important one, and it made possible for both the CEO and myself to follow up on that important task and complete it as desired.

If you assume that follow through is beneath you, you need to look at your journey and decide where are you going and who you want to become.

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