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Himadri Chawla

Himadri Chawla is currently working as a Management Trainee with the firm.

In her quest for gaining hands-on experience, she has undergone training with the HR department of EMAAR, Gurugram, and iSmile Technologies. Her involvement with the HR Department helped her to understand the functioning of an organization and its various departments, and also got an insight into how various groups function within an organization. She has also been involved in the selection and recruitment of trainees and employees, relationship enhancement activities among employees, as well as other general HR activities.

She also holds a keen interest in research and has a few dissertations and research papers authored under her name, on topics related to the field of Organizational Psychology. 

Himadri is a post-graduate in Applied Psychology with specialization in Organizational Behaviour, from University of Delhi, South Campus.

Key Capabilities

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Leadership Skills
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Psychometric Assessments

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